Speedos and Sunshine

This post is a continuation of our trip to Greece in June 2011. Part one can be found here.

After four and a half hours hunched over a table on a crowded ferry, we were certainly ready to climb off the boat in Mykonos.

We had booked our hotel room ahead of time, but judging by the number of hoteliers trying to lure us their way, you probably wouldn’t need to. If you do book a hotel, learn for our mistake and book your transportation as well. We ended up standing in line for a cab for two hours before snagging one and getting a ride to the Carrop Tree Hotel. Our accommodations weren’t quite as luxurious as our last hotel.

But the view from our balcony definitely made up for it!

As soon as we put our bags down, we were out the door and headed to the beach. Paradise Beach was packed with sunbathers, both clothed and unclothed. We certainly got an eyeful in every direction we turned, so we trained our gaze on the ridiculously clear water instead.

By 5 pm the beachside bars were blasting music and bikini-clad ladies were climbing on top of the tables to dance. It was quite the scene so we hung around until we’d soaked up every last sliver of sun, and then hopped the bus back to our hotel. We made it back in time to watch the sun set from our balcony before rinsing off the sand.

After cleaning up, we walked down to the Little Venice area for dinner at Casa di Giorgio’s and stopped into a few bars before settling down at Skandinavian Bar for the night.

On our second day in Mykonos, we thought we’d try to check out one of the other many beaches on the island. We headed back over to the Little Venice area to find a bus.

From Little Venice, we were told that the buses to the beaches left from the Old Port area.

But once we got to the Old Port, we found out we had just missed the bus and would have to wait two hours for the next one. We could have taken a taxi, but we couldn’t find any of those around either, so we made our way back to Paradise Beach.

We spent the afternoon lounging around in the sun and taking in the sights. After squeezing in showers and a quick nap, we walked to Niko’s Place, a restaurant we had seen on our walk around the island earlier in the day.

The food was delicious and the limoncello shots were even better. We checked out a couple bars after dinner but ended the night at Skandinavian Bar again. We should have made it an early night because we were leaving the next day, but that’s not like us at all. Instead we were able to get a few hours of sleep in our twin beds before checking out of the Carrop Tree and making a bed on the beach nearby.

We thought we knew exactly where we needed to go to catch the ferry to Santorini. The port we arrived at, right? Wrong. We showed up an hour early, as suggested, presented our tickets… and were told we were at the wrong port. Apparently the “old” in Old Port doesn’t mean it’s not still in use. With the taxi wait looking to be more than the hour we had, we begged a lady in the parking lot to give us a ride to the Old Port. She dropped us off with ten minutes to spare and by the time we boarded that ferry we were ready to get to Santorini.